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Answering the question “Have we saved enough to live comfortably and confidently?” Many people will spend a third of their lifetime in retirement. For a lot of your adult life you've focused on accumulating money with an eye toward saving enough to live comfortably after you stop working. Knowing how much you need, where it should be invested, and where you should take it from first is what we help you figure out. This advice can take an enormous weight off your shoulders. It's essential that you continue planning when you retire. It often comes as a surprise to people when I explain that the rules of distribution (taking money out during retirement) are different from the rules they've been living by during their manys years of accumulation (saving). I can help you understand the difference and the importance of these two stages. Working with me and my team at Integrated, you'll address some of your “What if?” questions. What if you need surgery and are out of work for a time? What if a parent needs help at home? What if you inherit money and have to take untold hours to manage the probate system? What if you've just changed jobs and need help figuring out the new benefits package?